16-Week YEAR-END Challenge!


As of Sept 12th, there are only 16 weeks left of 2020?  We imagine you're as eager as the rest of us to say goodbye to 2020!  

We've created a special 16-Week CHALLENGE to help you end 2020 on a high note - 25-50 lbs lighter!  With better immunity, an improved metabolism and the knowledge that you ended 2020 BETTER than you started! 

Here's how we'd love to support you - 

As always, you'll get EVERYTHING you need!

            • Our amazing protein foods, expert weekly coaching, and body composition weigh-ins on our Tanita scale.

But you’ll ALSO get: 

            • Weekly challenges to help you start to movetake better care of your mental healthand achieve focus & commitment at a much higher level!  ATTITUDE is everything in this challenge.
            • PLUS a 30-min Holiday Planning Session with Tracey!!! 
              Tracey made it through the Holidays 90% on track!  She'll help you create a plan to navigate your unique challenges for the upcoming 2020 Holidays and show you how to have fun without ruining your program!

            • This is a Use It or Lose It deal! 
              Sign up by Sept 12th and then there's no turning back! Weeks expire on January 1st. WHY? Because you asked us for more accountability to FINISH your journey!  Put some skin in the game with a real commitment to yourself! 



Supercharge Your Commitment! 
Just $2300.00
for a bonus-filled 16 week program,
full of extra support!  

Sign up by Sept 11th to participate.
Weeks must be used by Jan 1st - no refunds. "Use it or lose it!"

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