"How are you guys REALLY doing?" 
  Clinic Update
-- by Sherene

*Sherene Kershner is the owner and founder of Evolve180 Weight Loss.

I've been reaching out to many of you over the last 6 months to check in and see how you're doing. It's been so wonderful to chat with you all! Some frequent questions have arisen, which prompted me to write this little update for those of you I haven't reached yet. Thank you for all of your care and concern about us as a small business during these times. Your thoughtfulness means the world to me!


Q: Who is still with you? Have you had to do layoffs?

A: Fortunately, because our team went through a coincidental downsizing in November 2019, were were already at the perfect size to make it through the last 9 months without any layoffs!

There are only 4 of us now (instead of 8), and we like it WAY BETTER this way! Based on your feedback, so do you! Taylor and Tracey are usually in the office, Sherene is running the business and doing some remote consultations from home, and Travis is out taking care of deliveries! We plan to keep things this way going forward.

So in other words, it's back to just the people who KNOW you, remember your story, and understand your journey. Our clients are saying they feel its more welcoming, comfortable and personal.


Q: Are you doing in-person weigh-ins yet? How is that going?

A: YES! We are open with strong protections in place for in-person visits. Every client comes in as often as they prefer - based on their level of comfort. Some come in weekly. Others come in every-other week, or monthly - with phone/video check-ins and complimentary delivery on the At Home weeks. (We recommend at least once per month body composition checks whenever possible.)

With our careful distancing, constant sanitizing, masks, gloves and limits on the number of people who come in at once, everything is running smoothly and well! People are just as successful with our socially-distanced program as they were before. In fact, some clients are finding it easier to lose weight without a lot of social engagements or pressure.


Q: How is your small business really doing? How can I support you?

A: Things are definitely slow - but steady! We have been seeing great results for our clients with our combo of in-person and remote services. We are looking forward to being busy again! There are several ways you can help:

Refer Us!

Your referrals make a huge difference! We are standing ready to help anyone you care about who could use help with their weight loss journey. If you have friends, family or co-workers who don't know about us, please connect us!

Review Us!

If you've had a great experience with our team lately or in the past, please take a quick second to share your thoughts with the world. Positive reviews are like pure gold to us - especially during this challenging time! Your words can make a huge difference to our future. Thank you so much!! 


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Start or Restart your Journey with a Friend!

Talk about a win-win-win! Let us help you get back on track, but join with a friend to make your and their journeys easier! We can help you and a friend/partner/spouse lose rather than gain through the Holidays! And don't forget - there is a 1-week FREE promo for joining with another person!


Thanks for asking how we're doing, and please know we wish you and all the people you care about health, safety and peace during these difficult times! 


--Sherene, Tracey, Taylor and Travis

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